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If you would like to get a real feel for our stones, feel free to visit our East London showroom where we have large slabs and samples on display. We have a wide range of materials including quartz, granite, quartzite and marble in many colours and finishes. Our staff are more than happy to help you decide which material will best suit your needs. We can also provide tips on how to get the most out of your chosen stone, as well as offer advice on installation and maintenance. To arrange an appointment or just find out more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Although Capital Granite is based in London, we operate nationally and supply our materials to a wide range of clients up and down the United Kingdom. We will also aim to offer you an appointment with us within 2 days. Our showroom in Walthamstow is also open 6 days a week where you can find more information about what we do and get a closer look at our services first hand.

Standout Granite Surfaces

A Guest Blog Post by Oliver Webb, Director, Cullifords

Recognised for their expertise within the stone industry, wholesaler Cullifords are leaders in their field. With an impressive portfolio of high-quality natural and man-made stones including granite, marble, quartz and limestone – there is a stone to suit any interior.

With many homeowners keen to experiment with stone surfaces in their home and to reflect the emerging trend for colourful kitchens, we’ve teamed up with design expert, Oliver Webb, Director at Cullifords to discuss the ways you can add interest into the kitchen space with a standout granite surface.

There is a common misconception that granite is grey and lifeless, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth – when selected appropriately granite can transform the look and feel of any space. With many people visiting our stone yard with the aim of finding something unusual and unique, it’s given us a real opportunity to show them what granite can really do.

One of the benefits to choosing a stone like granite is that there are so many colours and natural variations that can all bring something different to a space. For example, the granite you select for your worktop may appear modest and blend in with the cabinetry, but if applied somewhere else within the room, for example the wall, it can create an entirely different mood.

Yet, it’s not just the aesthetics that need to be considered, homeowners also need to look at practicalities like whether to opt for a hard or soft granite option. Kitchen islands exposed to heat and used for food preparation would benefit from hard granite as its heat and scratch resistant. Surfaces with placement near an open window or area exposed to lots of natural light, both hard and soft granite are UV and stain resistant and therefore able to stand the test of time.

For homeowners looking for something that stands out, I always recommend opting for a stone that adds texture like Cosmic Black. With its distinct ripples of dark and light shading, the stone would work well as a feature wall contrasted against plain cabinetry. To be truly appreciated, the stone should be used sparingly in order to enhance rather than overwhelm the space.

One of my favourite stones from the collection is Copenhagen. Ideal for large-open plan kitchen designs, the white stone is speckled with brown and cream crystals, which in a large, bright room would catch the light beautifully. Although a subtle choice, Copenhagen evokes a feeling of luxury and would add interest whilst remaining complementary to a neutral colour palette.

Juparana Bordeaux is the perfect choice for homes wanting to add rich, earthy colours to their kitchen design schemes. With its warm colouring, the stone mimics the orange and brown tones of mahogany to offer a more traditional look and feel. The striking stone has a polished finish and would be suitable for use on worktops and other horizontal surfaces.

We also have designs for homeowners looking for a more daring colour palette, with stone options available in an array of colours. Katuba Blue combines rich royal blue with moody grey, for a stone that would work perfectly on a statement island. If blue isn’t for you, Marinace Rosso resembles crashing boulders frozen in time, with a deep red base the coloured rocks are guaranteed to create an impact. By opting for a pop of colour in the kitchen, you can add something special to even the most minimal of designs.

With a stone to suit any space, Cullifords has an impressive range of fine quality stones sourced from locations across the globe. With a large yard located in Kingston Upon Thames, the knowledgeable team are always on hand to assist with choosing slabs for any application.


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