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Privacy Policy

Here at Capital Granite, we are devoted to protecting the privacy of all our guests and ensuring their data remains secure.

In this Privacy Policy, you’ll learn about the handling of your personal data that either we collect or you provide us when visiting our website.

To ensure that our customers remain informed, we’ll occasionally make changes to this Policy. Please be sure to check back periodically for any updates.

Information we gather

To ensure the optimal experience on our website, we may collect and process some information about you. This includes:

  • We monitor and keep track of your use of our website, including comprehensive information about the pages you view and resources that you access. This includes data on mobility, location and communication which are used to improve customer experience.
  • When you share data with us voluntarily, like when registering for information or making a purchase, we use it to provide better services.
  • The data you supply when communicating with us through any channel.

Cookie usage

Cookies help us better understand our visitors and their preferences by providing various insights on the computers they use. To enhance user experience, we may therefore utilise cookies in order to collect necessary data that will enable us to further optimize our website.

Our website may collect information regarding your general internet use by downloading cookies to your computer’s hard drive. This data is entirely anonymous and will not identify you personally. It simply serves as statistical data which cannot be linked to any individual user details in any way.

Easily refuse any cookies simply by activating the “reject cookies” setting on your computer. With a few clicks, you can adjust the settings to your preferences and ensure that only authorised access is granted.

When you click on advertisements displayed on our website, cookies from the advertiser may be downloaded – this is a process that we do not have control over.

How we use your information

The data we acquire from you is employed to provide the services that our company offers. Apart from this, it may also be used for any of these purposes:

We are committed to responding quickly and efficiently to your queries about our products or services, providing you with the information that you need.

We want to make sure you’re always aware of any other products that may be of interest to you, and for us to do so we’ll need your permission first. That way, you can stay updated on the latest offerings without feeling overwhelmed by unwanted information.

We want to ensure that you are always up to date on our website, services or goods and products. After all, we take pride in providing the best information for your needs. Therefore, should any alteration be made, we guarantee that you will be informed immediately of such changes so as not to miss out on anything!

We may need to transfer the data we collect from you outside of the European Union for processing and storage purposes. By submitting your personal information, you are granting us permission to complete this action. Furthermore, we will take all necessary steps required by law in order to ensure that your data is secure during each phase of the process.

Personal data storage

With your permission, we may allow certain third parties to use your data in order to send you information about products and services that are not affiliated with us but which we think might be of interest. If consent has been granted, it can easily be revoked at any time by you.

If you have previously purchased goods or services from us, we may share with you information about similar products and/or services that might be of interest to you. We take the utmost care in guaranteeing that all necessary measures are taken to ensure your data is kept safe at all times.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the security of data sent electronically as it may be vulnerable to interception. As such, sending information via the internet is done at your own risk. However rest assured that we remain committed to keeping all customer data safe and secure.

Information disclosure

As stated in our Privacy Policy, we promise to never share your personal information with anyone outside of this policy and the conditions listed below.

  • In the case that we decide to sell all or part of our business to a buyer.
  • In situations where we are obligated to disclose your personal data by law.
  • To protect against fraud and reduce the danger of deceit.

Third party links

To provide our visitors with more comprehensive information, we may link to third-party websites. Yet just because a website is referenced does not signify that we agree or accept the site’s privacy policy for its customers. Therefore, it’s vital to review their policies on data safety before submitting any personal details.

We understand that protecting your personal information is paramount in today’s digital age. That is why we have taken every measure necessary to ensure that your private data remains safe and secure while visiting our website or using any of our services or products. Should you require further information about how we handle customer data or if you have any questions about this policy then please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email or phone call so that one of our representatives can assist you further in this matter. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how we protect your privacy here at Capital Granite.

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